Natural Polish For Wood Floors


Natural Polish For Wood Floorsdiy wood floor cleaner and polish kristys cottage

Natural Polish For Wood Floors - One question I have been asked time and again over the years working in the wood flooring business is; can my old wooden floor that is fitted refurbished and be sanded? A lot of people realize that parquet floors or first floor boards could be sanded back to produce a lovely finished flooring, but what to do with a fitted wooden flooring is a little more confusing.

You must learn that it's wood, & most importantly what kind of flooring you might have. I am afraid the only alternative is to replace it, if your flooring is a wood effect laminate then. Laminate flooring comes in varying level of quality, but most of the time it's basically a wood effect print stuck to either an MDF or plywood plank with a lacquer on top, sanding it'd sand off the paint and ruin the floor.

There are two types of wooden flooring that is fitted; solid and engineered wood flooring as well as the great news is, both refurbished and could be sanded to look as new as the day they were fitted. As it's the same building engineered wooden flooring can sometimes be mistaken for laminate. Engineered wood flooring includes a thin layer of real wood, usually between 3-5 millimeters bonded to your foundation of either ply or MDF board, because that it's fitted together with a tongue and groove and of its building, additionally, it stays very flat.

Solid wood flooring will inevitably cost a lot more to purchase and is more expensive to make, but in my opinion, it's not as great a product as engineered as it's more vulnerable to warping.